Want To Learn How to Sail?

Sailing is a diverse sport enjoyed by people of all fitness levels and ages.  It’s appeal spans from the escape of slow-paced cruising, to the competitive heat of racing.
Dubai boasts some of the best conditions in which to learn the sport, and Dubai Offshore Sailing Club employs a team of five full time sailing instructors to facilitate your learning.
The Sailing School at DOSC has been a recognised RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Training Centre since 1998, and all our courses follow the RYA syllabus and safety standards, meaning students are able to attain RYA qualifications.  For more information you can visit the RYA website


Dinghy Sailing or Cruising Scheme?

So you have decided to take the first step and learn how to sail.  The next question you need to ask yourself is whether you would like to sail big boats or small boats.  We are fortunate enough to be able to offer both sailing schemes at DOSC.

The first one being the Dinghy Scheme which is small boat sailing, where you will get wet!  It is often a good introduction to sailing as you will get a good feel for the boat, and will immediately notice how every movement you make, and tweaking you do, affects the movement of the boat.  This kind of sailing is often more accessible for sailors once they have acquired their certification.

The second scheme we offer is the Cruising Scheme.  This is generally bigger boat sailing which is done on a boat with crew and cabins, and you are less likely to get wet!  This scheme is ideal for those wishing to crew and skipper bigger boats, and for those wishing to bareboat charter their own yacht.

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