The Points System Explained

Once a membership applicant reaches 15 points they are put onto the DOSC waiting list.   Reaching 15 points does not automatically grant you membership, as there are often up to 40 people in this file at any one time.  The membership sub-committee meets once a month and selects applications who without doubt are serious sailors and put them forward for membership from this category.

Points are allocated at the time of membership application for the following:

Boat owner: 1 point (A copy of a valid UAE insurance policy is required)

Detailed sailing CV: 1 point

Verifiable sailing reference letters from DOSC members attesting to crewing on a keel boat or regular dingy sailing: 1 point per letter (up to a maximum of two letters)

Reference letter from a previous yacht club: 1 point (only one point can be allocated)

Valid sailing instructor or coach qualification: 1 point (only one point can be allocated)

RYA sailing qualifications in dinghy or keel boat: 1 point (only one point can be allocated per application)

Former DOSC member: 1 point


Points are allocated for sailing activities as follows:

Volunteering at DOSC: 1 point for every day volunteered

Sailing lessons at DOSC: 1 point for every day of lessons

Sailing at DOSC: 1 point for every day sailed

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club