Club Membership

_JOR3562-2Welcome to the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club membership page.  We welcome applications from active sailors, both individuals and families. Your first step to gaining membership is to come down to the club and collect an application form from the main office.

The application form requires completing information about you and your family, where relevant, as well as information about your sailing experience, boat ownership and how you could contribute to the club.  You will also need to get a DOSC member to sign the form as a proposer and another DOSC member to sign the form as a seconder.  When you submit your application, you also need to provide us with a copy of your passport and valid UAE residency visa and passport pictures.  Please note that your application will not be processed unless this is completed in full.

Any extra documentation which could help your application should be attached or can be sent to us at a later date, this includes: a CV of your sailing activities, copies of any RYA sailing certificates, a reference letter from your previous sailing club, a reference letter from a DOSC member that you actively crew on their boat and proof of boat ownership, such as a valid UAE insurance policy.


We select our membership applications on a points based system.  What this means is that we want to see you and your family down at DOSC, sailing and volunteering, and being part of our club.  Every time that you sail or volunteer you get a point, which is recorded in a log book that you are provided with at the time of submitting your application. Once you reach 15 points, you are put on our waiting list.  Our membership sub-committee meets monthly and reviews the waiting list and selects applications for provisional membership from active sailors.  For people who are actively sailing and volunteering this process doesn’t tend to take too long.

Do make sure that you collect a log book from the club and submit a scanned copy of it every month so your file can be updated.

People tend to have lots of questions about membership and the membership process – so do take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section.


Here are a few contact details that will enable you to become more involved with the club:

Volunteer on race days:


Volunteer with Sailability:

Crew on keel boats:

Take sailing lessons:

Participate in racing: you’ll need to find a keel boat crew if you want to sail in keel boats – again another great reason to volunteer so you can meet some of the keel boat members.  If you’re more of a dinghy sailor, you can refer to our website for boat hire info: but you must have a RYA level 2 certificate, if you don’t have this, you can always book in for an assessment with the sailing department or take lessons.  You can see the club’s full racing calendar on the DOSC website.

If you still have questions about membership or the membership process don’t hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary on: or our club Administrator Rowena van Niekerk on


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