Membership FAQ

I have been sailing and volunteering at DOSC for a while now, but just put in my application. Can I receive points for these activities?
To make it fair for everyone submitting a membership application, you can only submit activities at DOSC that you’ve completed since submitting your membership application.
I don’t know anyone at DOSC and can’t get a proposer or seconder to sign my form?
You are more than welcome to come down to the club and volunteer on one of our race days. Please click on the following link to be added onto the volunteers mailing list. Volunteering is a great opportunity to get to meet members at the club and you’ll surely be introduced to people who would be willing sign your application form.
I don’t have time to come down to DOSC, can my sailing outside of the country or at another club count towards points?
The purpose of the log book is to record sailing and volunteering at DOSC. It has to be signed and verified by the sailing department or a skipper of a keel boat, we cannot verify anything done outside DOSC.
I’ve been on the waiting list for more than a year, why don’t I have membership yet?
There are a couple of possibilities for this: (1) you haven’t submitted any copies of your log book to us to update your membership file or (2) all of your log book entries have been predominantly volunteering and not sailing. More than eight entries need to be sailing at DOSC and they must be at a competent level of sailing, such as level 2 dinghy.
If I have a boat will I get fast-tracked for membership?
No, boat owners do not automatically get priority for membership. However, we do allocate one point within the points system for owning a boat - as long as the boat has valid UAE insurance.
If I volunteer for Sailability will I get fast-tracked for membership?
While we are very grateful for volunteers with Sailability, this does not give you priority on the membership waiting list. Remember that we also need to see that you are actively sailing.
I own a boat; can I keep it at DOSC until my membership comes through?
No, we are unable to provide any boat spaces for non-members. Once your provisional membership comes through you can apply for a boat space with the sailing department if you have a dinghy, or with the administration office if you’re looking for a berth for your keel boat.
Do you accept social members?
We do not accept social members as we are a sailing club.
Dubai Offshore Sailing Club